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WildiZe in Africa

Africa is the heart of WildiZe Foundation. For nearly 20 years, WildiZe has been supporting Wildlife Conservation and Community Development projects throughout sub-Saharan Africa. We are proud of these accomplishments and have seen positive impacts from a small investment of resources when placed in the right hands. Across Africa, wildlife numbers continue to drop and communities continue to struggle. YOU are invited to join us as we enthusiastically expand the platform and vision. WildiZe believes that to truly promote effective conservation, our work must be driven by the needs and ideas of the communities we work with. Any actions taken must be culturally and ecologically appropriate. Projects we support promote conservation through lifelong education, environmental regeneration, research, protection of wildlife, sustainable income opportunities, and application of appropriate technologies.

"Our Wild World Conservation" Talk Radio

Mondays @ 8am Pacific Time, on Voice America Radio, Eli discusses topics and interviews leaders in the World of Conservation Listeners of all ages can tune in to an informative and lively weekly show about Africa’s contemporary challenges in wildlife and environmental conservation. Topics include: current news, what you can do now, what conservation and sustainability actually mean, impacts of poverty on sustainability, foreign aid, book reviews, animal behavior, photography, living with wildlife in our backyard, interviews with renowned experts, and your questions. Direct avenues to a variety of projects are introduced to our listeners, giving you the tools to take action and get involved. How WE choose to live our own lives daily have impacts on Africa, and our entire World’s wildlife and peoples.

Conservation, Security, Community, Education

Our donors know immediately what impact they are making through their contributions. A donor’s connection is established through our on-site presence, development of new and long-term relationships with indigenous communities, grant funding for projects supporting wildlife and environmental conservation efforts, educational programs, sustainable economies and cultures. Our donors see how WildiZe collaborates with like-minded national and international organizations to better use resources already available. Donors See Positive Impact! Donors see how we utilize the Wildize Grant Process, which sees through an 80-90% public and private contribution straight to our Grantees. Our donors know we to it that our Grantees have ownership, accountability, and responsibility for their own projects.

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