"There are those in the world who prefer the course of seminars, conferences, 5 star hotels, pretty brochures and picture books.  Others take a more below-the-radar approach and go right to the problem, which is normally a practical, if not a simple, one.  WILDIZE FOUNDATION is one of these organizations that gets out in the field, looks at the problems, talks to the people involved and then works out how it can help … We are proud to be working with WILDIZE FOUNDATION in both the Mkomazi National Park in Tanzania and in Kora National Park in Kenya."  Tony Fitzjohn, OBE, Field Director, The George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust

Eli Weiss named one of "50 Leading Conservationists" in the book Saving Wild by Lori Robinson.

WildiZe Foundation, founded in Aspen, Colorado by Eli Weiss twenty years ago, helps individuals and educational institutions dedicated to conservation of wildlife, wildlife habitats, and the indigenous cultures of Africa to raise awareness and funding to face contemporary challenges in conserving our wild world, as well as highlighting the parallels in the US and globally through educational outreach.  WildiZe provides grants to on-the-ground conservation organizations engaged in anti-poaching, scientific research, combatting the international wildlife trade, community education, and other similar efforts.  WildiZe also sponsors the online radio  broadcast, Our Wild World, to help raise global awareness of important global issues in conservation by interviewing world-leading experts.  WildiZe Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation

Conserving Wildlife and Helping Communities in Africa. Wildize Makes It Happen.

Conservation IS about people, like you and me.  All of us ultimately make the decisions that create our future.  Today we can see the global connections between our own actions and reactions around the world.  We do not live in a vacuum, our world is not untouched by us, nor can we remain untouched by our world.  Ecological degradation, species loss, poverty.  Too many in our world, human and non-human alike, are suffering.  There are so many things we can do to help improve this picture!  Together we can implement wild new ideas to leave a better legacy.  As I like to say, We have only one Earth.  If WE don’t care . . . who will?

"On behalf of the Director of Kenya Wildlife Service I would like to acknowledge support of your projects in Tsavo National Park up to date and thank you sincerely for your continued assistance over the past nine years . . . We are happy to inform you that all the projects  you have funded are running and are assisting our operations tremendously.  Please accept our appreciation and that all your supporters on our behalf."  Danny Woodley, Senior Warden, Tsavo West and Chyulu Hills National Park

Our Staff

Eli Weiss

Eli Weiss is WildiZe's Founder and President, a photographer, philanthropist, and Wildlife Conservationist, Eli Weiss grew up in Illinois, Wyoming and Colorado, attended university in Colorado and the UK, and after spending time in Aspen from 1963-1979 she settled in Woody Creek, where, in 2000 she founded the non-profit WildiZe Foundation. In Founding Wildize, Weiss was able to combine her love of photography, art, nature, environmental ethics and conservation in such a way as to benefit our planet. The Foundation serves individuals and educational institutions dedicated to the conservation of wildlife, wildlife habitats and the indigenous cultures of Africa and raises awareness through on-the-ground projects and education both in Africa and the United States. Their mission is to establish direct relationships to projects in sub-Saharan Africa, offering targeted grant funding that support conservation efforts, educational programs and sustainable indigenous economies. Weiss has worked with experts and leaders in the field of conservation, administering public and private grant funding across 75 grantees from specialists to community groups, giving her a well-rounded depth of knowledge critical to raising awareness of the various issues and toward implementing solid solutions based on science, the environment and culture.

Rebecca Vandiver

Rebecca Vandiver is WildiZe's Director of Operations.  She is a conservationist, lawyer and mother with a passion for finding the most effective ways to preserve the Earth’s biodiversity.  She began her career as a lawyer working on a variety of national and international business matters, then decided to change course after her first trip to Africa.  Prior to joining WildiZe, Rebecca was the Assistant Director of a wildlife conservation non-profit that utilized technology to conserve endangered species and ecosystems in Africa and Asia.  She is thrilled to support and partner with the grantees of WildiZe, who embody the ethos that conservation is about people, and to learn from her mentor Eli Weiss.  Rebecca lives in Carbondale, Colorado.

W. Aaron Vandiver

W. Aaron Vandiver is WildiZe's Director of Communications and Development.  Prior to his involvement in conservation Aaron practiced law at international firms and for the United States government, and clerked on the United States Court of Appeals.  A trip to Africa spurred Aaron's interest in conservation and his transition to working for the environment.  A serendipitous meeting with Eli Weiss led to his position with WildiZe.  In addition to his conservation work for WildiZe Aaron is an entrepreneur in the world of "green" business.  He writes and blogs about global conservation issues.  Aaron lives in Carbondale, Colorado.  He is grateful for the opportunity to help make the world a better place through his work for WildiZe. 


"We are happy to present you with the E-Chievement Award certificate in recognition of your efforts to protect wildlife in Africa."  - Winner 2011, The E-Chievement Award sponsored by the Bohemian Foundation celebrating those who are making a positive difference in their communities and beyond, Eli Weiss and WildiZe Foundation

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